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JOOLA Anna Bright Scorpeus Pickleball Paddle w/Charged Surface Technology for


OFFICIAL SPONSOR OF TOP RANKED FEMALE PICKLEBALL PLAYER ANNA BRIGHT & THE PPA TOUR: An innovator & global leader in table tennis for 70+ years, JOOLA teams up with Anna Bright to design a new line of pickleball equipment to perform at the highest level.
ANNA BRIGHT SIGNATURE PADDLE: The top women’s pro player Anna Bright uses the JOOLA Scorpeus to highlight her fast hands & aggressive style of play. You’ll quickly see why Anna chose this paddle to help her dominate women’s pickleball.
CHARGED CARBON SURFACE TECHNOLOGY: Newest innovation that strengthens the paddle & provides a crisp feel with greater energy return. Creates a poppier response with impressive feedback for better feeling of the ball coming off the face of the paddle.