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Third Shot Drop Custom Pickleball Paddle | Kratos – Elongated Shape


IDEAL FOR PLAYERS LOOKING TO DEVELOP ALL COMPONENTS OF THEIR GAME BUT WANTING MORE OOMPH BEHIND THE BALL – With one of the largest paddle faces on the market, distinctive colors, and awesome performance, the Kratos Model A is a well balanced paddle with exceptional power.

SUPERIOR POWER AND A GREAT RESPONSE TO DRIVES AND DINKS – The paddle’s surface gives players that added touch for controlled spins. * If you are looking for a longer paddle for consistent dinks and superior blocking on drives or if you are new to pickleball, this paddle is right for you! The longer paddle length and the slim-trim edge guard creates one of the largest sweet spots on the market to enable players to hit every ball with speed and precision.

NOMEX CORE & GRAPHITE SURFACE – Powerful, durable, and consistent- our Nomex core gives you amazing power across the entire “Sweet Spot” coverage. Plus, our specially developed Graphite surface enhances your performance with the ability to power drives past your opponents as well as dink with them consistently all day long. * GRIP- Third Shot Drop flat grips give every player control of the paddle regardless of how sweaty their hands become.