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PROKENNEX Black Ace Pro with Paddle Cover – Pickleball Paddle with Toray


Top-Quality Materials – The Black Ace Pro is the first ever single piece TORAY 700 faced carbon pickleball paddle, making it the most aerodynamic, fastest and powerful paddle in your hand.

Edgeless Design for Enhanced Play – The edgeless design enhances the Pickleball player’s reflexes in quick exchanges while producing more power compared to other carbon faced rackets due to the enhanced swing speed.

Play like a Pro – The ProKennex Black Ace Pro pickleball paddle was designed, engineered and play-tested by pros for two years to achieve the best paddle on the market for Spin, Control, Power and Touch. Compete at a high level and start playing with a professionally designed and USAPA approved pickleball racket that meets the highest standards in Pickleball.